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Welcome to NTS Labeling
NTS Labeling is a division of Nagy Technical Services, LLC, www.nagytechnical.com. We are dedicated to providing labeling solutions for the Specialty Foods and Bakery industries.  
NTS Labeling
The CoffeeFood & Wine labeling specialists!
Custom Printed Labels
Labeling Equipment & Supplies
Contact Information:   Nagy Technical Services, LLC     PO Box 4096   Greenville, SC 29608

(864) 292 0175
email:  sales@nagytechnical.com

  • Nutrition Fact / Ingredient Labels
  • Barcode Labels
  • Custom Printed Color Labels
  • Do-It-Yourself Labeling Equipment
  • Thermal Printer Repairs
  • Onsite Setup and Training of Labeling Equipment and Software.

What we do:
Primera Color Label Printers
Datamax High Speed Thermal Printers
Label Applicators
Do-it-yourself label samples.
Thermal Transfer Printers
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